We Are Bisexuality: Laura

#WeAreBisexuality is a month-long campaign to share the stories of Bisexuals during Bisexual Visibility Month. Stories and photographs shared with the permission of the parties involved. Share your story with us all throughout Bisexual Visibility Month.

Laura, an 18 year old bisexual woman, had her coming out at a young age-

“I came out when I was 14 and it was not met well, my dad was accepting but my mum essentially just called it a phase. Since, I’ve got a gf and she seems much more accepting and sure it’s not a phase. “

And the problems she internalized had, and are still having, quite the impact on her life-

“A lot of self hatred, resulting in a skewed body image and a big heap of anxiety. I also struggled a lot when I started getting serious with my first (and current) girlfriend. I felt like I had entered this weird space in the LGBT and Bi community and didn’t feel like I quite belonged. I have since accepted that I’m still bi but it was a process. “

But she has one important message for other bisexuals out there-

“You’re not alone. It may feel like it, but we’re the silent, often ignored majority of the LGBT community. There are people who love you, who will love you in future. Stay strong. [We] can unite and help combat bi erasure to the best of our ability! “



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