We Are Bisexuality; Mark P.

#WeAreBisexuality is a month-long campaign to share the stories of Bisexuals during Bisexual Visibility Month. Stories and photographs shared with the permission of the parties involved. Share your story with us all throughout Bisexual Visibility Month.

Mark, like many bisexuals, is a serial “come-outter”-

“I came out over a number of years in a number of ways to people I am close to. Most of the conversations were positive and supportive; some even make me laugh.”

Why? Because-

“The truth is that I will never be done coming out though. Whenever you get to know somebody the topic will arise and you must come out again. These can often be the tougher encounters for me. It is about socio-cultural acceptance for me and many times it is made clear that bisexuality is not considered acceptable/normal and that bisexuals are a form of ‘other’ in my larger cultural community.”        

Coming out was hard-

“I was raised as a Christian and really struggled with the concept of a god who created/loved me who also made me bisexual, a sin in some interpretations of the Bible. It wasn’t until I discarded Christianity and adopted a secular humanist outlook that I felt comfortable with a worldview that accepted me for who I was. “

But he has some advice for others in his position-

“There is a community out there for you. You are loved and accepted there. Grappling with our sexuality can be an incredibly trying experience so reach out if you need help.”

And one wish for the community as a whole-

“That all queer communities will become fully woven into the cultural fold of their larger communities, attaining equal status as human beings to their straight neighbors.”


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