We Are Bisexuality; Renn

#WeAreBisexuality is a month-long campaign to share the stories of Bisexuals during Bisexual Visibility Month. Stories and photographs shared with the permission of the parties involved. Share your story with us all throughout Bisexual Visibility Month.

Renn is a 15 year old nonbinary bisexual, and finding the word “bisexual” changed their life –

When I discovered the word “bisexual” I suddenly felt as though I’d found my word, one that encompassed my feelings and my hopes. When I came out not long after, I was supported and encouraged by my close friends and that gave me the confidence to be openly out at school and with my family. My parents were fine and accepting about me being gay but thought that bisexuality wasn’t real and that people who identify that way just want everything which hurt me considering I thought they would be very happy whatever I identified with. When I later came out as trans, they basically ignored that and kept on as if nothing had been said. My mum at least views my gender identity as me being deliberately inconvenient and difficult while shopping. “

And they want bisexuals that haven’t come out to know, that while people may not believe you, you are valid-

“So many times will you be told your identity is not real: by your friends, family, strangers and fellow members of the queer community. Ignore them, hold your head high and own your chosen label. You create your identity and don’t let other people make you question it. You’ve most likely struggled to find it so now you deserve to be comfortable in it. We do exist and there’s a whole lot of us out there if you can find us, and we’re not about to hide.”

Renn has a few hopes for the bisexual community they are growing up within-

I struggled very little compared to so many other people, and I’m always going to be grateful for that. But even for me in a fairly open family, the lack of visibility and the prejudice that stems from that that bi people face every day was a problem, most notably with my parents, who refused to believe I could be attracted to more one gender….

My hope for the bisexual community is that our identity will be more normalized and accepted by society as a whole but especially within the LGBTIQ community. I want my children’s generation to know that not only is being gay okay, but that it’s okay to be attracted to lots of people or no one. You and no one else create your identity and children need to know that from the very beginning.        



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