We Are Bisexuality; Lucas P

#WeAreBisexuality is a month-long campaign to share the stories of Bisexuals during Bisexual Visibility Month. Stories and photographs shared with the permission of the parties involved. Share your story with us all throughout Bisexual Visibility Month.

Lucas P. is a 25 year old demiromantic-bisexual man, who has come out to friends and selective family-

“For my friends, yes. Family, only my grandma and my aunt […]

Well, when I was in my first year of high school, I was dating a girl but it only lasted for one week and it didn’t work out not only because of my self-esteem problems, but it also because all of my classmates back then, thought that the idea of me dating a girl was so absurd that it was great and they were cheering me like I was a celebrity of some sort and they never left me alone. And then, in the third year of high school I was dating a boy, but again, only lasted for one week, but this time it wasn’t because of self-esteem issues, but because he doesn’t want to go any further with the “dating” and then he changed school. This was the first time I discovered that I can love anyone, regardless of gender, but I kept hidden from my friends and family after the high school graduation, and only recently I told them that I’m bisexual. My friends accepted me and all, and also recently I told to my grandma and my aunt about it, and again they accepted me. But I’m afraid to tell this to my father and specially, my mother, because she’s evangelical. But it’s all right, I found safe ground with my grandma and my aunt and I know I can count with their support.

And I personally love his tips on coming out-

“Do what I call, in quotes, “ant work”. Watch and pay attention to your family when the subject “sexuality” always comes into the conversation, see which family member you think you can talk about your sexuality in a safe way, and then when you realize you have a chance to do that with that family member, try to talk with that person in particular and explain everything about your sexuality in a sincere and honest manner. If that person accepts it or not, rest assured that it no longer depends on you, but on the person you confessed to.”

And as a bisexual man, he has one big hope for the community at large-

“More visibility and respect within the LGBT community. I have discussed several times with a lot of people within the LGBT community and also sometimes with radfems (Radical Feminists). Many gay men have told me that I’m a, in quotes, “hetero fetishist” or “undecided”, while many radfem women have accused me of “transmitting STD’s to other women” just because I’m bi and these women also have told me that I don’t suffer biphobia, but instead, I suffered from “shards of homophobia”.”

Lucas Pines



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