We Are Bisexuality; Zach

#WeAreBisexuality is a month-long campaign to share the stories of Bisexuals during Bisexual Visibility Month. Stories and photographs shared with the permission of the parties involved. Share your story with us all throughout Bisexual Visibility Month.

Zach is a 31 year old bisexual man who came out recently, due mostly towards a family member’s support of the current President-

“I was 30 and was working with queer community folks, while also attending counseling. I slowly saw the signs over the years, and owned what I had known since I was 12, but actively denied the feelings. I came out to my mom in an angry rant about her voting for Donald Trump. But I came out to my best friends before that, they were nothing but supportive, and told me they had known for a while. “

He still struggles with dealing with the perceptions of those around him-

“Perception from folks, which I still struggle with. I was raised southern baptist and most of my family still lives in the south and are devout southern baptist, meaning that to them my sexuality is a choice to them. I repressed my attraction to all genders and want for a queer relationship because of my family and society’s pushing of heteronormativity and monogamy, invalidating transgender folks. I’m still struggling to overcome my internalized oppression as it pertains to having more physical queer relationships, no matter how attracted I am  to them.”

“I hope that one day folks won’t assume all we want is sex, and that we are just “trying out queer life.” 

And he wants other queer identified people to start their path towards acceptance-

“It’s ok to doubt yourself. It’s also ok to disappoint people, chances are those are the toxic folks you’ll end of removing from your life once you get more involved in queer community. Most of all, take care of yourself, folks in queer community are much more likely to have a mental illness. You owe nothing to anyone, you owe it to yourself to take care of yourself.”





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